Schneider welcomes technical innovation at the World Cup

The imminent introduction of video evidence at the World Cup in Russia is expressly welcomed by the DFB coaching staff around Joachim Loew.

“The video evidence can not claim to be one hundred percent justice or to decide all the scenes right, but one thing is for sure: The video evidence makes the game fair,” said Löw’s assistant Thomas Schneider after the FIFA Team Workshop in Sochi.

The planned use of the currently also in the Bundesliga tried video assistant at the World Cup finals in the summer was a big topic at the seminar of the 32 World Cup participants. At the decisive meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) next Saturday in Zurich, it is expected that the regulars will issue a permit for the use of video referees. FIFA President Gianni Infantino is considered a proponent of video evidence at the World Cup.

In Sochi was also announced the possibility to communicate at the World Cup for the first time also from the coaching bank directly with a game analyst on the stadium grandstand. Also screenshots from above should then be transmitted live down, as Schneider reported. “Technical innovation is also in the game in football, which is an innovation that gives us more opportunities for coaches,” said Löw’s assistant.

Assistant coach Marcus Sorg is already sitting in the stands in the first half of the season in international matches of the German team, in order to gain tactical impressions from this point of view. In the future he could transmit these immediately via headset to head coach Löw.

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