Rummenigge: No VAR in the CL? “Sorry about that”

The Uefa has announced that the video evidence will not apply in the next Champions League season. A decision that meets with Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on complete misunderstanding.

“To be honest, I regret this. I found in the Bundesliga that the refereeing decisions that are being made are far more serious and fairer than what has often been experienced in the past,” Rummenigge told FC Bavaria TV “his displeasure air.

In the future, however, there is no way around the video evidence: “Unfortunately, it is now so, but I am convinced that at some point the video umpire will also be in the Champions League catchment .. The referees are thereby supported in a positive sense It makes the game better, more serious and fairer. ”

Especially last year’s quarter-final return leg in the Champions League against Real Madrid (2: 4 n.V.) is the Munich boss a thorn in the eye. “I’m convinced that a game like the one we had to do last year in Madrid would have had a different outcome,” rumbled Rummenigge.

Bayern also benefit from mistakes

In the match, Cristiano Ronaldo had scored the deciding 2-2 (105 ‘) from an offside position. However, the Munich also benefited several times from wrong decisions of the referee team. In the first leg of the German record champions was awarded an unauthorized penalty and the Bavarian goal for intermediate 2: 1 in the second leg was also irregular, because the own goal of Ramos fell after a clear offside position.

A disadvantage of the German record champion was therefore not make out despite the lack of video evidence. However, the number of wrong decisions in the premier class is likely to be reduced with the introduction of video technology.

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