Rudy complains: Situation at the FCB “not optimal”

The last few weeks Sebastian Rudy has certainly presented differently. Since the injury list at FC Bayern München has shortened, the six usually sits only on the bench, sometimes even in the stands.

Of course, no player needs this situation, “the 28-year-old judge said in the” kicker “. The “midfield strategist” described his mission times from past games as “not optimal”.

Against Schalke in the Bundesliga and Besiktas in the Champions League Rudy was not even in the 18-member squad of Munich. Also last weekend the right foot was not used. “Bank or grandstand is not my claim,” he declared resolutely.

Rudy’s position as central six in front of the back four is occupied in the Bayern by Jupp Heynckes’ “favorite player” Javi Martínez or Arturo Vidal. At Hoffenheim, the international dodged in part on the right-back position, but that was not an option in Munich. He sees himself as a “guy who wants and distributes the ball, who likes to serve the others and keep their backs free.” In the midfield, “I can just best use my strengths.”

Rudy wins more tackles than Vidal

If the player trained at VfB Stuttgart is then used, he also brings in his strengths. Rudy convinced with a pass rate of 88 percent, even his tackle rate of 58 percent can be seen. Thus he wins more direct duels than, for example, Vidal, who is considered a true “duel warrior”.

Even his coach is convinced of the quiet ball distributor and described him as a “fine, elegant footballer with a good eye.” What Rudy definitely can work on is his move to the opposing goal. No hit and only an assist are yet to book. In the last season there were two hits and nine assists in Hoffenheim.

This is partly due to Rudy’s defensive orientation in the Munich system, but of course is also due to the lower playing time. Despite the few moments he can currently show on the field, the 24-time international does not fear for his place in the World Cup squad. The feedback he got from Joachim Löw in the last international matches, “makes me very confident.”

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