Chelsea Rüdiger without fear “to be overrun”

In the first knockout round of the Champions League, Chelsea have not beaten FC Barcelona 1-1. For defensive man Antonio Rüdiger, who played 90 minutes against Barca, the second leg is responsible for the outcome of a difficult season.

“First of all, it’s always about whether we can be satisfied with the performance shown,” summarized Rüdiger the game in an interview with the “kicker”. “And we are,” said the national player, who is already convinced that you can always influence a game to 80 or 90 percent. The rest was lucky and is no longer in their own hands.

Ironically, against Barca lacked the English champion but this little bit “match luck”. The blues would not have had “two post hits” on their side. “If you are deservedly in the lead then you want to win the game,” says Rüdiger.

Without fear in the second leg

In addition, the team from London to ex-Stuttgart Rüdiger in the second leg on March 14 at Camp Nou the second chance. A win is needed for a direct progress, because a 0-0 would secure Barcelona the quarter-final ticket because of the away goals rule.

Rüdiger does not shy away from the reunion. Chelsea will certainly not “with the fear” start to be “overrun”. Instead, the 24-year-old is optimistic. “We will fly with respect to Barcelona, ​​but also with the confidence that we almost beat them here in London.” Everything is possible.

“We are at the crossroads”

The Champions League is, just like the upcoming games in the Premier League, a kind of signpost. “We are at the crossroads between a good and a bad season,” said Rüdiger. Now you can “still steer things in the right direction.”

Rüdiger’s personal goal is the World Cup participation in the summer. With start-up appearances in the Champions League against Barcelona, ​​he undoubtedly draws attention. “I assume that Jogi Löw did not miss such a game – completely independent of my person,” Rüdiger added afterwards.

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